Axial Ez- Stik Shooting Stick- Monopod 61in, Olive Matte Beetle Green

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brand Allen
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The Allen Company Axial EZ-Stik Push Button Adjustable Shooting Stick features an auto-slide action adjustment to help you find your shot and the fixed position that works for you—perfect for all hunting styles. Ultra-strong aluminum, monopod design, delivers durability needed in the field while the cradle rest provides you grip, so your rifle won’t slip or slide for peace of mind. The cam lock can also be modified using the bottom adjustment knob, helping you with a secure, tight lock when in use (cam lock is tight enough to hold a rifle and any downward pressure). With the push of a button, this monopod shooting stick extends easily from 29-inches to 61-inches high. Always be ready with the Axial EZ-Stik, whether you are sitting, crouching, standing, in a blind, a treestand, or spot and stalk. Adjust, rest, and hone your shooting skills in the field with Allen Company.

Product Features

  • ADJUSTABLE SHOOTING STICK: Push button, auto-slide action allows you to easily adjust your shot & find the fixed position best suited for your needs—extends from 29-inches to 61-inches high.
  • MONOPOD DESIGN: Strong aluminum delivers you the performance & durability needed in the field while the cradle rest grip provides you peace of mind, ensuring your rifle will not slip or slide when in use.
  • ALL HUNTING STYLES: The versatility of the Axial EZ-Stick enables you to be ready at all times, whether you are crouching, sitting, standing, in a treestand, a blind, spot & stalk, or need a walking stick.
  • SECURE SHOOTING REST: Bottom adjustment knob helps you modify your cam lock to provide a secure, tight lock when in use—tight enough to hold a rifle & any downward pressure.
  • HUNTING SHOOTING STICK: Post attachment system allows for any 1/4-20 threaded shooting accessories to attach (range finder, spotting scopes, camera, etc.) while carbide tip & rubber boot helps provide you great traction in various terrains.
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SKU 21447
UPC 026509043690
Color Matte Beetle Green
Brand Allen