Lrx Boat Tail 129gr 270 Win

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brand Barnes
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VOR-TX LR is an extreme-distance load combining super-premium components that are assembled with a level of precision never before attained in factory ammunition. The specially engineered LRX bullets loaded in VOR-TX LR are optimized specifically for the cartridge. Unmatched flight characteristics combined with a specially engineered nose cavity that peels back into four cutting petals delivers massive expansion and identical on-game devastation from up close to well past 700 yards.


Brand Barnes Bullets
Category Centerfire Rifle Rounds
Caliber 270 Win
Model VOR-TX LR Rifle
Bullet Weight 129 gr
Rounds Per Box 20
Casing Material Brass
Application Hunting,Target
Bullet Type LRX Boat-Tail
Muzzle Energy 2824 ft lbs
Muzzle Velocity 3140 fps